Sunday, February 12, 2012

Temple Grinding

Has anyone seen Temple Grandin? Oh my gosh. I just finished it and I loved it! I am trying so hard not to start it over and watch it again. Claire Danes was wonderful!! Everyone, please go see it. I sent a text to Janelle to ask if she had seen it and this was her response, "What does that mean? I wish I was there for temple grinding." Ha ha. How is everyone doing? How is the bogging world? It's been a while since I've made my way over to this blog. Lot's has changed, well, not really that much. The most exciting thing for the moment is my trip to England with the one and only, Juje. We are going to have quite a time over there. I just read about a park in the Lake District that has grass courts that you can rent out for the hour. We will definitely be all over that. I feel like I need to catch up but that would take way too long.

Since it is Sunday, I'll share a quote that I just read and really liked:
"The happiest men and the happiest women that you know in the world are those who are conforming their lives to the teachings of the gospel of Jesus Christ. They are those who have the assurance of eternal life; they are those who understand the purpose of our being. … As I have traveled to and fro in the world bearing this message, my soul has been filled with joy, and my eyes have been dimmed with tears, when I have seen how perfectly men’s lives may be transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ."

—George Albert Smith, in Conference Report, Oct. 1927, 48–50.

See ya around.

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Juje said...

Oh howdy! My family is bobsessed with that movie, btw!